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The power of positive thinking: how to dress like the person you want to be

Friday 1 February 2019

Ma philosophie : si vous voulez réussir quelque chose dans la vie, il faut tout d’abord y croire, penser POSITIF et agir comme si vous l’aviez déjà. La théorie de la pensée positive repose sur l’idée que notre vie est le reflet de nos pensées : en les contrôlant, on pourrait avoir tout ce que l’on désire.

I do believe a lot in the law of attraction, and I am convinced that they worked in my favor to reach my goals more than once.

My philosophy: if you want to succeed in something, you have to behave as if you already had it. The theory of positive thinking is based on the idea that our life is the reflect of our thoughts: if you control them, you can get whatever you want.

The positive thinking also concerns the way you choose your clothes: therefore, to become a better version of yourself in 2019, start dressing up like the person you aim to be. It can only have a positive, powerful effect that will boost your confidence.

You want to get a promotion at work? Dress accordingly: it’s a great way to show other people that you are ready for the job.

Looking for a new job? Force yourself to dress every morning as if you were going to work.

One of my customers, who is a lawyer, was unemployed. During a coaching session, I told her to keep dressing up every day, even if she was prospecting for a new job from home. This is not magic, but the fact that she dressed like a lawyer motivated her, she endorsed the role and met with people from her industry, strengthen her network…a few months after that she achieved her goal and got a new job.

What is your objective for 2019? We are building our life step by step, day by day, according to the choices that we make. I can’t take the right decisions for you, but I can help you look like the person you want to be! Book my services here!

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