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How to wear yellow

Sunday 25 June 2017

This Summer marks the revival of yellow, a fresh and cheerful color I’ve always loved a lot! My clients often think that this shade does nothing for their skin tones, eyes or hair, but they are wrong. Everybody can wear yellow, as long as you find the nuance that suits you the best (pale, pastel, lemon, mustard or Tuscan yellow). To determine which hue of yellow will highlight your natural assets, nothing is better than the color analysis!

To rock the yellow trend, you should follow these simple rules:

– If you are wearing a yellow piece that’s close to your face (earrings, a scarf, a top…), you should wear the hue of yellow that will flatter your complexion. A pale yellow can be either bright or dull depending on the person’s skin tone!

-The Yellow color instantly draws the attention, that’s why you should carefully choose the part of your body that will be wearing this color. If you don’t feel confident with your legs, don’t wear a yellow skirt or pants! But if you like your V-neck, you’ll feel super confident with a yellow top.

-Yellow is the new white, so swap the white pieces of your wardrobe for yellow clothes for summery and cheerful outfits.

-If you’re not 100% sure about this trend, slowly incorporate yellow in your accessories: jewelry, shoes. bags…

Another good reason to wear yellow is that it instantly puts you in a good mood. People underestimate the impact of colors on our daily mood, while it actually plays a great role. Yellow is a dynamic color that evokes smiling, optimism, sun…the perfect tryptic to cheer up your day (just take the test and you’ll see!).

Now, how to pair a yellow garment with other pieces of your wardrobe? What are the easiest color associations? My favorite combos are: yellow-grey, yellow-navy, yellow-light blue, or yellow-white:

Here’s my shopping selection:

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