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How to organize your closet in 6 steps

Wednesday 15 February 2017

We ‘re all the same : we love new seasons because they mean new trends, and therefore new shopping ! But sometimes, we’ve piled up so much clothes that our closets look like a war-zone ! We forget about that cute cashmere sweater which has fallen behind a pile of stuff, or we buy a new pair of jeans and discover AFTERWARDS that we already have almost the same ones, hidden under a jacket on a hanger…and we end up with doubles that we absolutely did not need ! So frustrating right ? Take a deep breath, because I am about to share with you 6 easy steps to organize and optimize your closet :

1. Take everything out

The fist thing to do to have a clear perspective is to remove all of the clothes from your closet : jackets, jeans, dresses, tees, even socks and lingerie. Take the time to classify every piece by category : you will be surprised to see how many doubles you own, and you will also be able to identify what’s lacking in your wardrobe.

2. Play it like Gisele

It’s time to model ! Try on your clothes, one by one. It might take time but it’s an essential step to be able to sort through your wardrobe. Damaged or old-fashioned clothes, as well as items that no longer fit you, should be thrown or donated.

3. Follow Marie Kondo’s methode

For those who haven’t heard of Marie Kondo (is that still possible ?), she is a Japanese guru of organization, and who has revolutioned the way we sort and declutter our closets via her best-selling book «  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing ».

My service « Dressing Detox », is inspired by this method and follows one simple rule : every garment that you try should bring a spark of joy, and make you feel confident and beautiful…if not, get rid of it !

4. Conjugate your garde-robe in the present

I will wear it one day…what if wedge boots make their big come back ?…I keep it in case I loose 5 pounds…NO, these are not reasonable excuses to keep a piece you don’t wear. To sort through your wardrobe effectively, you must think « right here, right now ». If you can’t wear it in the present, you should donate it immediately.

5. “Menage a trois”

It means that every garment should be easily styled with 3 other pieces of your wardrobe. This step is also the perfect occasion for you to be imaginative and create new looks : take pictures of yourself with each outfit, create a lookbook and use it every time you are lacking inspiration to dress !

6. A place for everything and everything in its place 

You are done with the sorting, bravo! Now, it’s time to put everything back in your closet. Keep in mind that every piece should be visible, hang as many garments as you can (only one piece per hanger), and optimize your drawer’s organization with Marie Kondo’s revolutionary folding techniques.


Of course, all these steps are easier to accomplish with the help of a professional that can guide you, help you discard your old clothes and create new looks with what you’ll keep. This is exactly what my service « Dressing Detox » is made for: together, we will analyze, sort out, organize and optimize your wardrobe, then create your personalized lookbook. After your Dressing Detox, your closet will be decluttered, you’ll have a clear vision of what you have, and you’ll know exactly how to style each piece of your wardrobe. Go on www.miriamlasserre.com to learn more !

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