Color Analysis : Reveal your natural assets with the colors

Friday 31 March 2017

Spring is finally here, one of my favorite seasons because it usually brings back colorful and playful fashion collections !

Part of my job as a stylist and Personal Shopper is to help my clients choose the colors that suit them best. Indeed, every skin reacts differently when exposed to a specific range of colors, and that’s why some nuances highlight our assets more than others. Just like a good lighting is essential to make a good picture, defining YOUR colors has a dramatic result and can improve your appearance : intensify your eyes, enhance a glowing skin. On the contrary, wearing colors that don’t suit you sometimes brings out a dull complexion, imperfections, redness…

Thanks to the « 8 Seasons » color analysis, I will identify the palette of colors that brigthens your natural assets. This study will be very useful in the choice of your future clothes, accessories, but also makeup and hair style.


How it works:

I am using fabrics of different colors, that I place next to your face in a specific sequence in order to observe how your skin reacts : does a color create a healthy glow or a dull skin ? Radiant eyes or dark circles ? Does it reduce your imperfections, or exaggerate it ? By comparing different temperatures, lights and saturations, I will identify which category of colors suits you the best. You will realize soon that some colors are your friends, but others are to avoid ! At the end of this first step, we’ll know your « season » : if warm tones enhance your natural assets, you are Summer or Winter. If your tones are cool, then you are Spring or Fall.

Then I narrow the research and study if your skin reacts better to light or dark tones. Once this is determined, I will test one by one the colors of the remaining palette to only keep 20 colors : these are YOUR colors. If you decide to do the color analysis, you should be ready to change your habits ! You might think that blue suits you very well, but you will discover that only certain variations of blue actually look good on you.


After the test…

Now you know your colors…it’s time to learn how to work with them ! I will show you how to combine it together, integrate them in your wardrobe…but most of my clients ask me to teach them how to choose their makeup and apply it for a harmonious, radiant finish.

The color analysis is a service that is complementary to the Personal Shopping or Dressing Detox service.  Book your session now !


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