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By Terry: the “couture” beauty line

Saturday 14 October 2017


Last week, I had the chance to enjoy a made-to-measure makeup session with BY TERRY in Paris. Part of my job as a stylist and personal shopper is to help my clients choose the makeup that will reveal and highlight their natural assets. I have already explained in detail how I am using a color analysis technique to determine which are the best shades to wear, according to your skin type and complexion. This step is a milestone if you want to reveal a radiant, healthy glow, because wearing the wrong colors (for instance beige shades when your skin tone is already a little yellow and needs to be balanced with pink colors) can accentuate a dull skin or make you look tired.

Radiance and a healthy complexion have always been key to Terry’s approach to makeup, so that it enhances but appears “invisible”. When she decided to launch her own collection of products in 1998, BY TERRY was born as a bespoke ‘couture’ beauty line offering made to measure cosmetics.

Personal shopper paris

By Terry’s Parisian flagship is located in the Vero-Dodat gallery, a magical passage with a neo-classical style, hidden in the 1st district (arrondissement) of the city. From makeup and skincare to fragrance, the entire By Terry range can be found here, in a stunning succession of colors. In the center of the ground floor is the “Chromatheque”: a high-tech, kaleidoscopic color wheel that presents every single BY TERRY “Haute Couleur” shades in the form of eyeshadows, lip glosses, mascaras and foundations.

Personal shopper paris

Virginie Février,  the “Haute Couleur” expert who has been working with Terry for more than 10 years, warmly welcomed me for a private consultation to create my made-to-measure foundation. This exclusive service proceeds in 3 steps:

-Diagnostic: first, Virginie will make a personalized skin diagnosis and determine what is your skin type and needs, the colors that will reveal your glow, and what kind of products you should wear.

-Test: Virginie will then select several shades from the 300 colors available in the laboratory and try different combinations, mixing different textures and colors on your skin, to create THE personalized makeup product that will be like a second skin to you.

-Production: following these tests, you will choose with Virginie the combination that you liked the most. Virginie will send your special “Haute Couleur” project to the BY TERRY laboratory and it will be ready for you within 3 weeks!

Personal shopper paris
Personal shopper paris

The result is impressive, very natural, my new foundation feels like a second skin. I had never found a product that would blend onto my skin so perfectly and yet correct my imperfections. The best news is that this made-to-measure service applies to all makeup products, from lipsticks, to foundations, to eyeshadows and powders.

You must be wondering how much such a luxurious made-to-measure makeup service costs…well I was happily surprised! The 45mn consultation and production of your personalized product is 175euros.

I can’t wait to bring my future clients to By Terry’s flagship so they can enjoy the same unique experience !

Personal shopper paris

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