Baby Yoga

Wednesday 19 July 2017

If you are following me on Instagram, you know I recently gave birth to my second daughter, Jeanne. People often say the second child is easy and you feel more confident, but to me the amount of stress and exhaustion doubled! That’s why a few weeks after Jeanne’s birth, I felt the need to take care of myself, and find an activity where I could bond with her while relaxing.

I had heard of the benefits of Baby Yoga (yoga sessions for mothers and their babies after 12 weeks), and I have been recommended Sesame MY in Paris. It is a small and friendly studio in the heart of the 9th arrondissement, 100% focused on well-being and offering Yoga and Meditation classes.

I had the opportunity to meet Emily Pearl, the founder of the studio. She is a French-American yogi who did her training in New York and Los Angeles, 2 cities that are pioneers in yoga and well-being techniques.

Upon arrival I immediately understood why people recommend this  place. Emily is very welcoming, putting out a positive energy that makes you feel comfortable. There’s nothing worse than attending yoga classes where the teacher does not notice you, and you feel behind the others and lost. Emily does not take more than 6 people in her classes to keep a human dimension, and that’s why she is able to guide every one of her yogis. She personalizes the session according to their level and needs.

The Baby Yoga sessions revolve around 3 objectives:

–       Postpartum muscle reinforcement focusing on abdominal muscles, back and the pelvic floor.

–       Initiation to Baby Yogi postures: Emily uses a unique Reiki technique for babies incorporating music, games, positive and entertaining experiences.

–       Breathing and relaxation exercises to practice with your baby, to learn how to relax together.

It’s the perfect occasion for young mothers to let go the stress of parenting and bond with their babies, and also to meet other mothers in a peaceful and friendly environment!

If you’d rather come alone, Emily also provides classic therapeutic yoga classes (group or private consultation) and relaxing meditation sessions. You can also book Emily’s services at home!

50 rue Richer 75009 Paris

01 45 89 14 49


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