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6 Tips to choose your Christmas gifts

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Christmas time is right around the corner, bringing back the hassle of Christmas gifts. I am purposely using the word hassle because for some of us, choosing a present, whether it is for a friend, a colleague, or a family member, can turn into a nightmare. Think about it: you are supposed to combine so many different things in ONE single object: your own tastes, someone else’s tastes, your desire to send a message or share an emotion…

AND because this is not stressful enough, a recent study by the psychologist Nicholas Epley shows that the proverb “it’s the thought that counts” is wrong, so wrong…actually people CARE about what you give them, and appreciate more a gift that they explicitly asked for…so no more hiding behind this old adage!

However, there are a few easy tricks to help you find the perfect gift for someone:

 1. Listen and observe the person to understand what he/she likes. Duh…but we sometimes forget to do it, and you would be surprised how many clues you can get by only paying attention to someone’s habits! She is always talking about what she ate the day before? Buy her a cook book or a cooking accessory. He decided to stop smoking? He will enjoy a DETOX bundle to help him in this process. She is always complaining about her dull skin? Take her to the SPA, etc…Listening to the person can also avoid some mistakes, like buying wine for a sober person, a leather accessories for a Vegan.

2. Use Social Media ! Who does not share what he/she likes on Social Media these days ? It’s the best source of information/inspiration to figure out what are someone’s center of interests. Look at the person’s most recent posts, what she liked and shared. Example: if she often shares beauty blog posts, you know she is a beauty addict, run to Sephora! If he loves funny videos, he will certainly enjoy a ticket to a comedian stand-up.

3. Visit Christmas Pop Up Stores. Luxury shopping centers such as Printemps, Galeries Lafayette (in France) or Bloomingdales, Nordstrom (in the USA) have Christmas pop-up stores with a great and original selection of fashion, beauty and home decoration items.

4. Avoid gifts cards: it is so impersonal! It’s like you did not even try, and it sends a clear message to the person: I don’t know you and I don’t have time for you! It is however accepted if you know that someone is a fan of a brand and you get them a gift card from this specific brand.

5. The web is your best ally: just google “original Christmas gifts” and browse…online boutiques such as Asos, Urban Outfitters, Shopbop or Farfetch have amazing gifts categories!

6. Take risks! Be bold and original, don’t think only “material gifts”, but offer an experience ! A dinner, yoga classes, DIY workshops…

Unfortunately, choosing the right gift for someone requires a certain commitment and time, something that we are lacking during the holiday season. We are always rushed by work, kids, or planning holiday trips… I get that 100%, and that is why one my services as a Personal Shopper is to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

How does it work? After a phone or skype interview where I will ask several questions about the person, I will submit to you within a few days a list of original, customized gifts for you to choose.

I can adapt to all budgets and situations. I can either go buy the gift for you or buy it online, have it delivered in France or abroad. Each gift is carefully wrapped and accompanied with a personalized card. To learn more about this very helpful service, go to this link!

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