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5 tips to shop smarter

Thursday 16 March 2017

Shopping is a real pleasure that makes us feel better, and that, let’s be honest, can be a real therapy.We all feel this little spark of joy every time we take a new garment out of its shopping bag to hang it in our wardrobe…but when we’re not 100% sure that we made the right choice, shopping can turn into disappointment, regrets, and the feeling that we wasted our time and money. The irony is that we start piling up items in our closet, but still think that we have nothing to wear!

I would like to share with you 5 easy and very useful tips to help you shop better and smarter :


Before going to shop, it is absolutely necessary that you list everything that you already own (the ideal : book a Dressing Detox session with me !). « Scanning » your wardrobe will allow you to identify immediately what you don’t need (a 4th navy blue sweater for instance), and what’s lacking in your wardrobe.


If you have time, check out the eshops of your favorite brands before you go shopping : save a picture of your dream shoes, note the reference of this shirt you’ve been eyeing for a while. It will make it easier for you and the salesperson to find them once you’re in the boutique.


You’re going to undress and change several times during your shopping session, so choose a comfortable outfit : a crossbody bag, slip-on shoes, distressed jeans. However, don’t neglect your make-up and your hair, you want to look fresh and beautiful! There’s nothing worse than trying on new clothes but being distracted by your dull complexion and messy hair in the changing room. Totally counterproductive !


Limit your purchases to your real needs, and overall, project yourself in the present and near future. It means : no « I buy it just in case », or « I’ll take it because it’s on sale, and I might wear it someday… ». If in doubt, just ask yourself : « will I wear this item within the next month » ? If the answer is NO, save yourself some bucks and don’t buy it !


Keep in mind that a piece is a good investment if it’s versatile : ideally, you should be able to style it with 3 other pieces of your wardrobe. If this shirt you have a crush on is super cute with your casual flare denim, but looks also great with your office suit, and pops with a mini-skirt to go out at night, then it’s worth the expense!

If you still hesitate, have doubts or would like to benefit from my expertise as a Personal Stylist, I encourage you to book a Personal Shopping session with me in Paris. If you’re not living in Paris, no worries ! You can also benefit from my personalized advice thanks to my « Online Consultation » service !

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