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2018 Resolution: a decluttered and organized closet!

Friday 19 January 2018

After the splurge of the holidays, one of the most popular resolution for the new year is doing a detox. Guess what? In this brand-new year, something else could use a little cleanse: your CLOSET. Some like to wait until Spring to reorganize their bedroom, however I think that January is the BEST time, when we are the most motivated and willing to embrace change. Who would not like to fresh start with an organized, decluttered closet?

This is one of my most popular services, that I have called the Dressing Detox, during which I help my clients sort out their wardrobe to only keep the clothes that they will wear and easily mix together. So…in 2018, what are the new resolutions to apply to your wardrobe?

1. Sorting out: this month take the time to take every single item out of your closet, lay them out, try them all on to figure out if you still like them or if they still fit you. If in doubt, ask yourself: would I wear this right now (not after I lose weight, or in case the opportunity comes….)? Does it make me happy? If yes, keep it, if no, dismiss it.

2. Channel your inner Business Woman: the beauty of selling your clothes is that you get money to buy new ones! It takes a little extra time and effort but your banker will thank you! Visit websites such as Vestiaire Collective, Ebay, LeBonCoin, Poshmark…they are very easy to use, and you might also shop great second-hand designer pieces at a discounted price.

3. Organize your closet by color: it might sound a little OCD, but it will truly help you find your clothes easily as well as pulling out a look. Organizing your wardrobe by color also shows you the “bigger picture”: what are the colors that you are buying the most? What colors are you lacking? So next time you go shopping, you won’t come back with a 4th navy sweater!

4. Be creative: only keep clothes that can be associated with 3 other pieces of your wardrobe. This styling exercise is a little fastidious but after you’ve done it you will know what goes with what…and you will never hesitate in front of the mirror in the future.

5. Be more thorough: having a dream closet doesn’t especially require a lot of space, but a lot of organization. First of all, all your clothes should be visible, so you can see immediately what you own. Then, avoid stacking them up on a shelf (unless they’re nicely folded) or a hanger: it will damage them. If you follow my advice, you should have a maximum of 32 pieces in your wardrobe: it is proven that we don’t wear more than this per season! (if you feel like you are having a panic attack, don’t worry: this is without the shoes, bags and accessories…)

Sometimes, we need a little help to keep with our resolutions, and there’s no shame in it! Whether you need to declutter your closet, learn how style the clothes that you already own, or help to shop new trends, you can trust my Style Coach expertise and contact me here. 

Meanwhile, I have gathered a few inspirational pictures of organized, dream closets.

Personal Shopper Paris
Personal Shopper Paris
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