They trust me

I decided to treat myself by hiring a stylist. Miriam gave me amazing advice including what colors look best on me and what kind of clothes flatter my body. She took me to boutique Parisian designers which is exactly what I wanted. I now have gorgeous staple pieces I will wear for years to come. Do not hesitate to hire her!

Liz, California
September 2023

Miriam has a great eye for style and really knows what will look good on people. She was patient and kind throughout, always offering tips and guidance. She didn’t want me to buy anything unless I loved it which I appreciated. I loved seeing the Parisian style and meeting creators. I definitely left know what will best fit my body type. I just now need to adjust to dress in the most flattering way for me. I learned a lot of what I have been doing is not the best way. I’m so appreciative of the experience and advice. I highly recommend other women do this!

Lindsey, New York
September 2023

Je me suis offert une séance avec Miriam 3 mois après la naissance de mon deuxième enfant pour m’accorder du temps pour moi et renouveler une garde robe qui ne me correspondait plus. J’avais envie de couleurd mais qui soient adaptées à la silhouette et carnation. Ses conseils ont été précieux et sa bonne humeur et bienveillance bienvenus !

Anne, Paris
June 2023

Les conseils de Miriam ont été une véritable révélation pour moi! Je voulais sortir de ma zone de confort mais surtout apprendre comment me mettre en valeur et me sentir bien avec mon propre reflet ! Et grâce à Miriam le plus dur du chemin est fait. Il s’agit d’un accompagnement personnel de qualité et le fait que Miriam soit aussi sympa ne gâche en rien la prestation ! Merci Miriam pour cet après-midi shopping !

Patricia, Aix en Provence
May 2023

Wonderful experience with Miriam! She gave me fantastic style tips and showed me shops that fit my style, ones I probably would have felt too intimidated to enter by myself. I couldn’t believe all the beautiful things I found. I now have a beautiful new unique and Parisian wardrobe. Thank you, Miriam!

Ann, Ottawa
May 2023

Miriam was wonderful to work with. She helped me chose items that were more fashion forward than my usual picks but also wanted to make sure I wasn’t too far out of my comfort zone. She knows how to accessorize and pick colors that suited my complexion. She has a great breath of Parisian boutiques to chose from. She even found a perfect shop to find less expensive clothes for my teenagers (who were reluctant to try French stores instead of their chains until she helped.)

Antony, Houston
April 2023